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June 22, 2015 - 4PM

Update from Highport Marina:

As some of you are aware, Highport (and all of Grayson County) experienced a severe storm system yesterday which caused many road closures due to flooding and extremely high winds and heavy rainfall in the marina. The high winds (up to 60 mph gusts) caused some broken cables and movement of ZM dock, but thanks to the quick actions of some of our marina members and our maintenance crew, the dock was re-secured and repairs are being undertaken. Highport management and staff who were onsite at the time made a critical decision to immediately evacuate anyone they could locate on the docks and to discontinue shuttle service until we could ascertain the safety of our members and security of the property.

The lake level crested once again yesterday at 645.36 and water is being released at a higher rate through the flood gates and hydropower generation which has kept the level from rising in the past 12 hours. Water once again surrounds the administration building and has reclaimed the entire parking area and much of the roadway near the launch ramp, so we have put the barricades up again as a precaution for anyone visiting the marina.

As has been the case since the flooding began, our management and staff are being very vigilant around the clock to keep a watch on all the docks, vessels and other property within the marina. Be assured that we will continue those efforts as the water recedes and that we will take very seriously the safety of our members and staff. Lightening, heavy rain or other dangerous conditions in the marina will cause a disruption in our shuttle schedule, but we will otherwise operate round the clock for anyone needing access to the boathouses. Vehicles must be parked in the camping area since there is no space available near the ramp at this time. We will update this information as the water recedes.

Thank you all for your understanding and patience!

June 15, 2015 - 2PM

Dear Member,

With the ever changing landscape of the marina, various work crews, limited access and summer in full swing, I want to thank you for your patience and understanding as the Highport Family restores our marina to meet the operational and service needs for you our members.

The aerial installation of 38 pilings last Sunday was completed as planned. We are pleased that N dock, E dock and F dock were secured and are stable. Following this installation, work has begun utilizing the barge and large crane that were delivered, built and launched early last week. Our plan calls for the replacement of pilings on all private boathouses, transient slip boathouse, H dock and the extension of many pilings throughout the marina to assure us stable boathouses regardless of the water level. This process will take a very aggressive action plan over the next 30 days to maximize the use of the large crane and will continue, utilizing our in house equipment, for the next eight to twelve weeks. Please be aware, while going in and out of your slip, the presence of large cranes, barges and workboats and crews.

Due to the movement of several boathouses and the aforementioned process to stabilize, there are pilings of various heights in and around the marina. Some of these pilings were visible and removed by our crews while others are not visible above the water and pose a real hazard to all of us in the marina. We have contracted with a sonar company to completely evaluate the marina for objects under the water surface. This process will begin Monday, June 15th, and take approximately four days to complete. As unseen objects are identified, our crews will mark them and remove the object as soon as possible. As a courtesy, I ask that all members keep a vigilant eye out for any signs of pilings or objects in the water. Please notify the main office at 903-786-7000 so that these can be addressed, marked and removed.

We are currently working to reopen the fuel dock as soon as possible. We experienced a shift of this facility and two of the four interior pilings did not line up causing significant damage to the east and west side docks. This coming week we are addressing the fuel monitor systems, testing fuel for contaminants, repairing the deck and reenergizing the fuel dock. I am hopeful to be back in operation by Friday June 19th; however, until the fuel system has been repaired and checked out we will not sell fuel until we are absolutely sure it is safe to do so and free of any contaminants. Ice, soft drinks, beer, food and apparel will be available beginning June 19th.

We have fielded several questions about the boat ramp. As you can imagine with the water level near 639 msl, most of the ramp parking lot remains under water. There is little space to park and even a smaller area to maneuver a trailer. Inasmuch, it is available for our members should you need to use it. We do not recommend it’s use as we do not know if any debris has settled under the water level and are concerned for your boats protection. If you must use the ramp, please use at your own risk and remember that all trailers must be stored in the trailer lot or (for day use) be parked in the campground area (grassy area east of the boat ramp parking lot). No trailer is permitted to be parked in the ramp parking lot.

The flood has severely damaged the Island Bar and Grill. In the interim, we are making available the High Water Café on weekends. There are a few tables and a very limited menu available. The High Water Café is located on the back porch of “Big Blue”. While inventory lasts, you might even find cold beverages compliments of the house. Come see the guys and enjoy a little break on the patio.

The shuttle service is in full gear and will be available when you come to the marina and need a lift to your boat. You can drop off your supplies at the shuttle ramp and then park your cars at “Big Blue”. Sheila will have additional boats on weekends and anticipated peak times. As a reminder no generators, gas cans or restricted items will be permitted on the boats.

Water and electricity remain a priority for us. The hard facts of the situation dictate that water levels will likely not recede enough in the next several weeks to make a significant impact on restoration. We are planning to address boathouses as the water recedes. The first ones accessible to the crews will determine the priority. I realize all of them have a high level of priority but this will be the only reasonable way to address. For those of you with lifts, please alert Courtesy Patrol that you will need assistance in raising the hoist back up. They will swing by and have power to lift the hoist. Due to varied demand, please don’t feel you need to wait on Courtesy Patrol, they will address your request as soon as possible.

During this flood event, several boathouses suffered damage. Each is a little different and most are very cosmetic. Our crews are aware of the damage and will be working to repair these over the coming months. I am not aware of any causing a restricted access to any boat. Additionally, we are not aware of any significant boat damage and are checking the marina daily for additional signs of damage.

Clean up work will begin shortly on the shorelines, roads, buildings and surrounding areas of the marina. We will contract with an outside vendor to conduct the cleanup and will be addressing areas as the water recedes. Our goal is to provide you with a clean environment on your visits to Highport Marina.

See you at the Marina,
Brian A. Keelan, CCM
General Manager

June 8, 2015 - 4PM

Good afternoon Highport Members!

The Water Taxi is Back in Service!

Our water taxi is available to members for shuttle service to all docks as of today and is available 24 hours a day for your convenience. To use the water taxi, please call Courtesy Patrol at 903-814-4300.

Please note: Due to the ongoing maintenance activity and heavy equipment on the large barge located in the marina – ALL BOATERS SHOULD STAY CLEAR OF THE BARGE AND CRANE AT ALL TIMES!

Also – the launch ramp at Highport is still closed, but we will continue to provide updates as the water levels go down.

June 3, 2015 - 3PM

Good Afternoon, Highport Members!

I appreciate the patience everyone has shown during this historic flood. The water reaching an historic crest of 645 plus feet, as you can imagine, has caused significant interruption to the business and services at the marina.

Here is what we are doing to expedite needed repairs and provide safe access to your boats and improvements:


  • We are making the water taxi available for select times this weekend. It will be in operation on Friday, June 5th from 3:00 pm to 8:00 pm. and on Saturday, June 6th from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm.
  • Due to temporary structural cable throughout parts of the marina, the water taxi will only operate in the interior portions of the marina. All pick up and drop off will take place at the end of the boathouses closest to the center of the marina.
  • We will have limited personnel on site, and will be able to accept work orders for any needed repairs for next week.


  • We are going to install new extended pilings in the boathouses that have come loose and we will need the limited ground space available to facilitate this process.
  • Tomorrow, we are taking delivery of a large crane that will need to be loaded on the barge that has been actively under construction since late last week. This will block foot traffic down the hill to the ramp area and parking lot all day tomorrow, so please plan accordingly.


  • Because one of our primary responsibilities to you, as our member, is your safety, we are discouraging overnight stays in the marina through this weekend. Additionally, we need all members to be out of the marina on Sunday, June 7th.
  • This will expedite the installation process of the pilings as we are conducting an aerial installation. Only pre-approved marina personnel can be present in the marina during this all-day process on Sunday, which will take up to nine hours. Thank you in advance for understanding the need for these safety precautions.

Our main number (903-786-7000) has now been forwarded to our temporary offices at Tanglewood Crossing. We should have Service, Leasing and several department managers' office lines forwarded to their cell phones in short order. Our email system is completely functional, so please feel free to contact us should you have any questions or difficulty reaching us by phone.

Remember to check our Facebook page and website for the most recent news and updates. We are all looking forward to celebrating the full return of lake season. We will communicate the timing of that anticipated event based upon how quickly the lake recedes, and when we can ensure the safety of you, our Highport family members.


Brian Keelan
General Manager

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At the heart of Puerto Del Sol is the exclusive clubhouse. Elegant furnishings and amenities that are the first of their kind on Lake Texoma. We invite you to take a sneak peak at what is destined to become the envy of other marinas.

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